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Burundi University hosts first reading competition

To show their talents, sixteen competitors have presented novels and books’ summaries orally at Mutanga Campus on the 8th September, 2022.

“We are glad to notice some competitors able to read and summarize books, even though most of them have studied new educational system in which literature knowledge is not highlighted compared to the former system”, said Gilbert Niyongabire, the president of Club Radio France Internationale Bujumbura (RFI Club).

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to those participants of reading competition in their behaviour and style while showing us briefly what they have read. I encourage them”, said Gilbert.

“The French Embassy knows and supports your accomplishments. I deeply thank the organizers of this activity, attendants, and University of Burundi having accepted to receive these activities”, said Christophe Reillak, representative of French Embassy

The winners have been given cash prizes between BIF 20, 000 and BIF 100,000  together with Flash disks.

” I am happy for it is the first time I take a part in a competition like this. Next year, we will have improved more”, said Aimée Merline, a competitor and student at Université du Lac Tanganyika.

“The gift I won will increase my efforts and courage of reading books “, said François Nizigiyimana, a participant from Ecole Normale Supérieur (ENS).

Participants applauded the initiative and called upon the university to diversify programs like these that help students to read and do research.

The story was written by Jean Marie Vianney Niyukuri, Fellow at Inside Burundi, additional reporting, edited and approved for publication by Espoir Iradukunda



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