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Sugar, first commodities’ price continue to soar

The General Director of state owned sugar company (SOSUMO) Aloys NDAYIKENGURUKIE has released new sugar tariffs on the 27th of July, 2023. PhotoFile

On markets, prices are high according to consumers fuelled by scarcity of petrol, now sugar’s fare slump.

The General Director of state owned sugar company (SOSUMO) Aloys NDAYIKENGURUKIE has released new sugar tariffs on the 27th of July, 2023.

The announcement followed the rise of fuel prices on the 24th July, and local transportation 25th July, 2023 within one week.

A year ago, the previous sugar’s tariffs were established in Burundi. Currently the prices have been updated from BIF 2,500 a kilogram up to BIF 3,300 a kilogram.

Since the previous update cost of 2022, sugar had been found in a strange penury, until today sugar still be untouchable moving bird, and when it’s seen is sold on various illegal prices up to BIF 7,000 a kilogram.

According to observers, sugar commodities remain under public radar. It is, in addition, unavailable on the market.

Bujumbura residents were left confused after the announcement, many of them lack words to say on this thematic, and others have different opinions but all of them wish the sugar were available on the market.

Floride IRANYISHURA a mother of four, who lives in KAJAGA reported that the sugar should be accessible on the market.

When we get it in Kajaga it comes like lightning. Few seconds there is no sugar. From there you see a young boy who come slowly and tell you that he has it at BIF 5,000 while the known price is BIF 2,500

“Sugar is sold as fraud, and the prices differ from one retailer to another, sadly it lasts a wink’s time, it is finished” said Iranyishura.”

In Nyakabiga same story, merchants hope that the sugar price rise will go hand-in-hand with its availability, there things would be good, but in case of the opposite, high price is not the solution,” said Salvator Minani.

For Aimé Norbert Nimubona the rise of price does matter, because it’s painful to miss sugar when one has money”, added Nimubona.

Some people are worried about the overtime state announcements in one week and think that other public and private institutions can billboard their new prices.

Noting that according to economic experts, the price rise of sugar can provoke other sugar-based products and food commodities in general.

Charles Ndayizeye
Charles Ndayizeye
Charles Ndayizeye graduated at the National University in the Department of English Languages and Literature. He is passionate about storytelling. He covers a wide range of topics related to Economics, Health, Environment, and News about Burundi and the East Africa Community.


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