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Over 40,000 participants to attend Sharm-El-Sheikh over climate crisis.

On 06-18 November, Egypt will host the Sharm el-Sheikh Summit on the enforcement of the Paris Climate Agreement as African countries were not left behind

Approximately 40,000 delegates are expected to take part in climate crisis talks in Egypt for the summit to be hailed a success in tackling the ecological shocks where Developing countries have set out their stall outlining the six key areas which need to be addressed.

On 06-18 November, Egypt will host the Sharm el-Sheikh Summit on the enforcement of the Paris Climate Agreement as African countries were not left behind.

African Group of Negotiators (AGN) Chair Ephraim Mwepya Shitima that Africa is the least contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions with less than 4% of total global emissions and yet the most adversely impacted region as reaffirmed by the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports.

“Africa is already experiencing severe and widespread impacts of climate change causing devastation to lives, livelihoods and the continent’s development trajectory. And this is a clear manifestion of climate injustice”, said Ephraim.

Over 40,000 participants including about 100 heads of state and government, and tenths of thousands of delegates, civil society, media and all other stakeholders concerned with the climate policy negotiations.

This summit will feature the highest turnout ever for a global climate conference.  The Egyptian Presidency team went to great lengths to ensure a successful venue for the negotiations according to organizers.

“As hosts of the COP27, we are keen to bring together representatives of nations and stakeholders from around the world and provide the momentum to address the actions required for urgent and large-scale implementation of climate commitments and pledges,” said Wael Aboulmagd, Special Representative of the President of COP27

The Sharm el-Sheikh International Convention Center (SHICC) is the global blue zone for COP27. The Blue Zone is where all negotiations between delegates are to take place. In addition, a long list of dynamic events will be organized by governments and accredited observers, including youth advocates and scientists.

Six points will guide the negotiation including delivery of climate finance and other support to Africa and other developing countries, strengthening adaptation support, addressing climate-induced loss and damage, and Enhancing ambition on mitigation towards 1.5C.

Of these is added Supporting African just transition to clean energy and using the UN’s ‘Global Stocktake’ to put fairness at the heart of the climate negotiations.

African Group of Negotiators (AGN) Chair Ephraim Mwepya Shitima said that as COP27 takes place in Africa this November, there are high expectations that “the African COP” will deliver substantive progress and implementable climate actions on the priority issues for Africa and other developing countries, including on adaptation, loss and damage, delivering on the pledges on climate finance, with the ultimate aim of correcting the injustice and getting the world on a path to a secure and safe climate future.

A 22,500 square meter Green Zone is where the business community, youth, civil society, academia and artists from around the world will have additional space to be present and participate.

It aims to promote inclusive and dynamic dialogue and engagement among climate actors through events, exhibitions, workshops, cultural performances and conferences.

The Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Implementation Summit will take place on November 7-8, bringing together all participating heads of state and government. Following the opening of the summit, several roundtables will be held around six key topics: just transitions, food security, innovative financing for climate and development, investing in the future of energy, water security and climate change, and sustainability of vulnerable communities.

Note that the Egyptian Presidency of COP27 has launched several initiatives that will take place during the conference. These initiatives include the COP27 Presidency’s Sustainable Urban Resilience for the Next Generation (SURGE), the Initiative on Climate Action and Nutrition (I-CAN), Action on Water, Adaptation and Resilience (AWARe).

Other initiatives include Food and Agriculture for Sustainable Transformation Initiative (Fast), Global Waste Initiative 50 by 2050, Africa Just & Affordable Energy Transition Initiative, Decent Life Initiative for a Climate Resilient Africa, Climate Responses for Sustaining Peace (CRSP), African Women’s Climate Adaptation Priorities (CAP), Friends of Greening National Investment Plans, Enhancing Nature-based Solutions for Climate Transformation (ENACT).

This article has been published with support from MESHA/IDRC grant for coverage of COP-27 by African science journalists

Espoir Iradukunda
Espoir Iradukunda
Data Investigative Journalist


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