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Nine killed in western Burundi, say officials

Jérôme Niyonzima, the spokesperson of the government, reported that 9 people were killed by Red Tabara.

Jérôme Niyonzima, the spokesperson of the government, reported that 9 people were killed by Red Tabara.

In the night of Sunday February 25,2024, Red Tabara rebels carried out attacks on two military positions in Gihanga, Bubanza province, western Burundi.

The devastating attacks were carried out around 9:30 p.m in Buringa locality, Bubanza province about 16,5 miles away from Bujumbura through RN5. Near Rukoko reserve through which the border of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is accessed.

According to Jérôme Niyonzima, during the attack, nine people were killed of which six women and 3 men. One of them was a soldier. Five people were seriously wounded.

The factual death toll and wounded rate is still controversial due to the various sources of information.

Red Tabara armed group acknowledged the attack saying two deadly attacks were intended to two military positions, one situated nearby Mpanda river and the other area commonly known “Chez Ndombolo.

They killed six soldiers, seriously destructing a national ruling party’s office, and setting ablaze two vehicles and one motobike as declared by Red Tabara on X platform, formerly twitter.

Red Tabara, a proscribed terrorist organization by the government of Burundi posted some photos of weapons and military uniforms which_ it said have been captured.

The government of Burundi said that the attack was targeted to the family which was mourning.

Red Tabara had last time carried out attacks in December of 2023 killing about 20 citizens in Vugizo, Gatumba western Burundi as it was declared by the government of Burundi. On contrary Red Tabara said it killed 8 national forces and one cop.

In the same statement after the attack, the government has vehemently denounced the government of Rwanda accused by the government of Burundi of backing, training and proving military weapons for the Red Tabara armed group.

The government of Burundi has long been asking the government of Rwanda to hand over the responsible of the then armed group to Burundi.

Red Tabara denies that they are militarily backed by Rwanda.

Speaking to BBC Great Lakes, Patrick Nahimana, a spokesperson of Red Tabara stated that they have long been in DRC and Burundian forces have been hunting them.

Red Tabara armed group is a huge threat for diplomatic ties between Kigali and Bujumbura.

In the start of January, Burundi government closed its borders with Rwanda accusing it to militarily and financially back the then armed group.

The government of Rwanda categorically denied the allegations saying it has not any relation with Red Tabara armed group.




Moïse Ndayiragije
Moïse Ndayiragije
Moise Ndayiragije, journalist, Visual presenter, Environmental Advocate. He has been covering social ground based stories. He stretches from climate change to Biodiversity loss and social linkages. He covers news about Burundi, Great Lakes, and Africa.


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