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Local transportation ticket rises amid fuel scarcity

NIJIMBERE asked the drivers of buses to take the passengers to the known bus-stops, and authorities to help facilitate putting the new regulations in application. PhotoFile

The Burundi government revised transportation tickets nationwide on Monday the 24th July 2023 amid fuel scarcity turmoil. Marie Chantal NIJIMBERE’s decision came after fuel price was amended, though it remains rare.   

In a statement issued on 24 July, the Minister for Transport, Marie Chantal Nijimbere, announced that transport fares have been increased throughout the country to align with the new fuel price structures.

On the 21st of July, Ministry of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines released new sets of prices at the pump in Bujumbura economic capital BIF 3,985 for premium petrol, BIF 3,795 for mazout (fuel oil) and BIF 3,930 for paraffin.

On the first sight of prices of transportation, in Bujumbura, BIF 50 has been added to the current bus ticket jumping to BIF 600 from BIF 550. In proxy localities BIF 100 was added.

NIJIMBERE asked the drivers of buses to take the passengers to the known bus-stops, and authorities to help facilitate putting the new regulations in application.

Almost a year and half, Burundi has been experiencing fuel scarcity, however the effort made in order to cope with this, long lines of the cars waiting for fuel hadn’t missed the gas stations.

Late 2022, the government of Burundi, had taken the decision to take the issue of fuel in arm, and appointed the Electricity and Water branch REGIDESO to be responsible for fuel transportation and importation. However, according to observers, minor changes were noticed but did not suffice to end the plea.

According to the new prices, in nearby town quarters, bus fare costs 600 BIF, and above in the periphery quarters. Within the countryside, the high cost of 2,000 BIF.

While drivers are not concerned with the rise rather by the rarity of fuel, then bet on the availability of fuel, the passengers on their part are worried about the rise of other commodities, especially food products.

Leonidas Nduwimana, a driver met in Kamenge says: “We hope that the government is going to cope with the fuel issue, since it has revised the prices.”

Even though there is hope to see the changes, some drivers point fingers to the government as it failed to take stringent measures to avail fuel for almost since 2022.

Blaise Ndayikeza (38) a driver met on at KING Star station in Bwiza waiting for the fuel to come said that his car has been queueing for 3 days, desperately he said that he is not sure that his car is going to be serviced.

“I am waiting for fuel to come, and even if it comes, it’s hard to reach where you can be served because of the long line waiting”, he said.

Some passengers agree with the rise as they hope at least it[fuel] will be available. Some claim that they have changed their rendez-vous as it is hard to move after 3p.m.

“I have to rush to the bus stop before it gets crowded with long lines,” said Jeanne Nibizi, a mother of two residing in Kanyosha, South of Bujumbura who works part time in Bujumbura town hall.

Damascene Niyindorera, resident of Carama, said that rather the government officials should look to reduce the prices to wax it up since life has become very expensive, almost everything has doubled or tripled on the market. He concluded that with this rise, there should be another rise of first commodities.

Fuel prices in Burundi were last increased on 28 April 2022. In Bujumbura, the price of petrol rose from BIF 2,700 to BIF 3,250, the price of mazout from BIF 2,650 to BIF 3,450 and the price of paraffin from BIF 2,450 to BIF 3,150.


Charles Ndayizeye
Charles Ndayizeye
Charles Ndayizeye graduated at the National University in the Department of English Languages and Literature. He is passionate about storytelling. He covers a wide range of topics related to Economics, Health, Environment, and News about Burundi and the East Africa Community.


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