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GIJN’s Guide to Investigating Sea Level Rise

During high tide, inhabitants of India’s Ghoramara Island work on creating a soil embankment to restrain further land erosion and prevent coastal flooding. Image: Debsuddha Banerjee/Climate Visuals Countdown


This guide was written by GIJN’s Resource Center senior advisor, Toby McIntosh. It was edited by Nikolia Apostolou, Laura Dixon, and Reed Richardson, with fact-checking by Miranda Woolen. Unless specifically credited, photos for this guide come from Climate Visuals.

Chapter 1: Key Questions

Looking at Predictable Future Impacts | Key Questions to Ask

Chapter 2: Understanding Rising Sea Levels

Key Reports that Journalists Should Read | Higher Risk of Adverse Consequences

Chapter 3: Maps and Data

Documenting Sea Level Rise | Climate Central: Most Journalist-Friendly Resource | Other Sources on Projected Sea Level Increases | Seek Access to National Data | Build on Reports | Regional and National Sources | Studying Historic Records

Chapter 4: Story Tips and Best Practices

Pursue Accountability | Watching for Misinformation | Making Science Part of the Narrative | Practice Coastal Journalism | Story Angles on Sea Level Rise

Chapter 5: Visualizing Rising Oceans

Impact on Well-Known Places | Interactive Maps | Photographs and Graphics | Artists at Work

Chapter 6: Notable InvestigationsThe Big Picture: Coastal Communities Threatened Migration Impact on Women, Children, the Poor, and the Vulnerable Impact on Farming and Fishing | Loss of Wildlife Habitats Impact on Businesses Real Estate Values Loss of Affordable Housing Effects on Roads and Transportation Impact on Landfills and Other Low-Lying Public Facilities | Historic and Iconic Places | Insurance Implications | Lack of Good Data | Adaptation Debates Emerging

Chapter 1 – Analyzing Impact and Key Questions
Chapter 2 – Understanding Rising Sea Levels






Chapter 3 – Maps and Data
Chapter 4 – Story Tips and Best Practices






Chapter 5 – Visualizing Rising Oceans
Chapter 6 – Notable Investigations

The story was first published by Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN)



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