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Burundi’s afforestation initiatives, flower plantation in towns.

In his allocution, Jimmy Hantungimana the mayor of Bujumbura said that the chore to embellish the town is to every citizen. He reminded them that thanks to partners every there are public dust bins, therefore, calling each and everyone to use them Photo by Moise Ndayiragije

Apart from collecting plastic items and recycling efforts, Burundi has embarked on afforestation journey through flower planting on main roads along with tree planting.

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, local officials, Bujumbura elected-leaders and youth-driven associations have grouped together in a joint framework for flowers plantation nearby roads.

Clean-up activities were held at the independence memorial place, Nicolas and Liberty main roads, and were characterized by flower plantation near the main road Boulevard de l’UPRONA in Bujumbura downtown.

In his allocution, Jimmy Hantungimana the mayor of Bujumbura said that the chore to embellish the town is to every citizen. He reminded them that thanks to partners every there are public dust bins, therefore, calling each and everyone to use them.

“I beseech you, let’s make a clean city. It does mean that, wherever one is living, working from, and visiting to, they make sure that they are involved in making a clean city”, said Jimmy, a major of Bujumbura.

“Every individual is bound to throw single-usage plastic bottles (water and juice containers) in trash cans to allow recycling entities to easily collect them”, said Jimmy.

This initiative driven came after the president Evariste Ndayishimiye, during the recent tourism conference which focused on effective mechanisms for tourism improvement in Burundi_ complained of dirtiness build-up appeared at the frontage of Ideal place where mobile phones are repaired.

“You want foreigners to come, coming where? In rubbish? One day I will volunteer myself and sweep at frontage of IDEAL. I will not inform anyone”, warned Evariste Ndayishimiye.

Education, a green war

These collective activities were massively responded by Youth Committed to Environmental Advocacy (YCEA Green) members.

Speaking, Pierre Chanel KAZUNGU, a representative of YCEA Green positively honored the joint initiative piloted as part of environment conservation and advocacy by the Bujumbura Mayorship office.

“The government should increasingly invest in education by providing effective trainings around students. A large number of Burundians are yet cognizant of environment and climate change issues”, said Kazungu.

He urges that not only young people are to be sensitized about environment but also the government official shouldn’t be left behind as decision-makers.

Kazungu goes on saying that the government should send Burundian students to build their capacities in environmental and climate change trainings abroad which further contribute to the country’s development.

“The government is to back young people, if it is possible, it can offer fully-funded scholarships to the students allowing them profoundly pursue such productive studies in order to give back to the society upon completion”, added Kazungu.

Pedestrians to destroy flowers and trees.

Youth who attended the event said that though such community activities are run in Bujumbura city especially those of tree plantation and clean-up drive don’t last longer.

“Some pedestrians intend to pass through some restricted areas where flowers, trees and grass have been planted refusing placards warning them not to pass there”, said Kanu Juma

“The trees and flowers are planted around the roads with intention of embellishing the cities by providing fresh air and oxygen”, he added.

Bujumbura city is ranked among the Africa’s first unclean cities taking the 15th place while on global scale, it takes 30th place.

Furthermore, it is ranked among countries with fewer trees in town due to urban expansion rate.

As government efforts to fight against the pedestrians, Pierre Chanel Kazungu calls upon his fellow citizens to collectively sustain and preserve environment by respecting green areas.

“Government should actively double its efforts and set heavy sanctions for the individuals destroying environment and passing through restricted narrow alleys as well as those who urinate in open areas”, he added.







Moïse Ndayiragije
Moïse Ndayiragije
Moise Ndayiragije, journalist, Visual presenter, Environmental Advocate. He has been covering social ground based stories. He stretches from climate change to Biodiversity loss and social linkages. He covers news about Burundi, Great Lakes, and Africa.


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