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Bruce Melody arrested over swindling charges.

Bruce Melody was alleged to have crooked Toussaint, the owner of Guerra Plaza located at Kamenge Zone, last year when he invited him to a big concert but Melody didn’t take part in.

The Rwandan artist Bruce Melody was arrested on Wednesday, the 31st, August, 2022 at Melchior Ndadaye international airport over the charges of swindling.

Bruce Itahiwacu, commonly known as Bruce Melody, was arrested on Wednesday after landing at international airport Melchior Ndadaye after a Burundian alleged him of crooking him $2, 000 and BIF 30 million.

In tweet, the spokesperson of the Home Affairs Ministry said that Bruce Melody is accused of swindling.

“Bruce Melody is in the hands of the police,” read the tweeter account pf the ministry.

Speaking to BBC Gahuza, Pierre Nkurikiye, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Home affairs said that the Rwandan Artist is suspected of swindling charges.

Bruce Melody was alleged to have crooked Toussaint, the owner of Guerra Plaza located at Kamenge Zone, last year when he invited him to a big concert but Melody didn’t take part in.

” I gave him $2000 and BIF 30 million,” Toussaint said.

Bruce Melody acknowledged all money and promised to reimburse while held at the police station. After restitute the money, he was released.

Various Burundian artists including the king of music in Burundi, Kidum denounced the arrest of Bruce Melody.

“This issue would raise concerns in diplomatic relations,” Kidum posted on Facebook.

This occurs following the last-ditch efforts between both countries Burundi and Rwanda to restore the diplomatic ties that had been devastated some years ago.

Different artists were affected by this bad neighborhood spoilt relations where both Kidum and Bruce Melody Concerts were called off in Kigali and Bujumbura in 2018.

On Thursday morning, the manager of Bruce Melody, paid back all that money claimed but surprisingly Melody was not immediately released.

” I now want compensation up to BIF 30 million,” Toussaint said.

The Bruce’s manager hasn’t so far reacted to this additional compensation claimed by Toussaint.

A lot of people in the country reacted to this arrest, raising their emotions.

Despite the arrest, Bruce Melody is ready to burn fire on stage at Zion Beach as soon as he is freed.

However, the Government of Rwanda hasn’t said anything.

Bruce’s release

Bruce Melody was released on Friday late in the afternoon, and was given green light to perform concert.

He was supposed to perform in two places including Messe des Officiers and Zion beach. But the manager said that a new place would be decided on to replace the first one.

After the release Bruce Melody tweeted in a video: ” I am good, the concert will take place at Zion Beach, guys let’s burn a fire.”

He didn’t mention the reason behind of his release.

As flashback, the Rwandan artist was arrested on Wednesday shortly after his arrival at the international airport Melchior Ndadaye by the police.

“He shouldn’t have been arrested in that way, there was another strategy to resolve this matter, Kidum added.

while B face said on his whatsup status that he [Bruce] should have first preformed and those accounts come at last after the show.

After he was released, he went immediately to Zion Beach where thousands of fans were waiting for him.

Tickets prices were revised to halves up to BIF 50, 000 for regular from BIF 100, 000 to allow those with little means to attend.

As for other tickets nothing was changed.

Bruce’s arrest occurs following the ongoing talks between Rwanda and Burundi over the restoration of diplomatic relations ruined 7 years ago.

The story was written by Moïse NDAYIRAGIJE Fellow at Inside Burundi, edited and approved for publication by Espoir IRADUKUNDA



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